Thermomix ® has many built-in safety features including:

  • An electronic motor protection which prevents the motor from overloading, and includes an automatic cut out.
  • The mixing bowl lid is secured by an automatic lid locking mechanism. The appliance will not function if the lid is not properly locked.
  • The Thermomix ® spatula’s safety shield prevents it from making contact with the blades when the spatula is inserted through the hole in the mixing bowl lid.
  • A beeping tone will sound at the end of the set cooking time to alert you that cooking is done. If a timed function has included heating, at the end of cooking, the speed will drop to a slow stir speed for eight seconds unless stopped earlier.
  • Warnings are visible on the colour touch-screen display.
  • Selecting the transportation mode locks the mixing bowl into place, allowing for safe transport when travelling.
  • A four-digit safety code can be set up, to prevent children or unauthorised users from turning the Thermomix ® on.

With all kitchen and electrical appliances, there is inherent risk of injury. It’s important appliances are used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and user manual.



Thermomix ® temperature settings allow you to have complete control over your culinary creations.

Food can be heated from 37°C to 120°C and also includes a Varoma temperature, which maintains constant boiling perfect for steaming and reducing sauces.

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