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Something New Is Coming.

Some exciting changes are coming to Cookidoo early this year which includes some new features that will improve the functionality and make it easier to use.

  • Improved recipe search – find exactly the recipe you need with an improved search engine and intelligent filters. Search for specific ingredients or recipe categories.
  • More inspiration – Discover trends, insights, tips & tricks that will help you make the most out of your Thermomix so you never run out of ideas.
  • Easier and faster navigation – Get cooking easier and faster with a brand new layout and navigation.

Important to know

As with many online content libraries, Cookidoo will be moving to a subscription only model. This means:

  • Recipe collections will no longer be available for purchase:  Cookidoo has thousands of triple tested recipes that will help you to unlock the full capability of your Thermomix. Whilst recipe collections will no longer be able to be purchased, your Cookidoo subscription gives you unlimited access to the global library, including all new recipes that are added throughout your subscription.
  • Recipe chips will no longer be able to be activated once Cookidoo is updated: If you have a recipe chip that has not yet been activated on your Cookidoo account, you have until the new Cookidoo update occurs to activate it – this is expected to occur mid-May. When you activate a recipe chip on your Cookidoo account, those recipes are added to your recipe library and are yours to keep.  Your recipe chips will continue to offer you the ease of guided cooking when attached to your TM5.


These recipes will still be available on Cookidoo via a subscription. To activate your Recipe Chip please visit

We will continue to keep you updated once we have more information regarding the update to Cookidoo.



We are working hard to improve Cookidoo® for you, including centralising access to international recipes so that you can search for them from your local platform. As we work to update Cookidoo globally, you won’t be able to browse foreign Cookidoo platforms. This is a temporary disruption and access to the global library will be restored once we update your local Cookidoo platform, where you’ll then be able to search these recipes from within your new Cookidoo website. For more information, please visit our Help section.


Yes! No matter what we improve, any content you have purchased or recipe chips that you have activated in the past will remain in your recipe library.

After you’ve created an account on, you can activate Recipe Chips by clicking on “My Recipe Library” and “Activate my Recipe Chip”. Enter the unique code found on the back of the Recipe Chip to activate. These recipes will then be added to your recipe library. Please note that each Recipe Chip can only be activated once.

Yes. When you activate your Recipe Chips, these recipes permanently become a part of your Recipe Library.

A Cookidoo subscription gives you access to all of the recipes globally at There are currently more than 2,100 recipes on the Australian site and over 40,000 globally, with more added all the time. There are three ways you can access a subscription:

  1. The 30-day trial which is free when you register
  2. Every Cook-key comes with a bonus 6-month subscription
  3. An annual subscription is available to purchase for $49 (which comes to less than $1 per week).