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The versatility of Thermomix ® will help you to save time and money, enhance your creativity in the kitchen; and make it easier to cook delicious, healthy and nutritious meals every day. Thermomix ® reduces preparation time by finely chopping ingredients in seconds, plus while Thermomix ® gently cooks and stirs your food, you’re left free for other things. Thermomix ® gives you back control over what goes into your food, making it easier to eliminate artificial colours and flavours and better manage allergies and intolerances.

The new Thermomix ® also features innovative new ways of cooking with manual, guided and automatic cooking modes. Manual cooking allows the user complete control of the recipe. Guided cooking uses Recipe Chips that guide the user through the recipe via onscreen prompts. Automatic cooking are one-step recipes where you put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and the Thermomix ® does the rest!

Thermomix ® is the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of more than 12 kitchen appliances in one compact unit. It can weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, precisely heat, stir and emulsify.

Thermomix ® brings the kitchen into the digital age with a beautiful colour touchscreen display. You can follow on-screen recipe instructions by using the smart Recipe Chip, which is enhanced by the Guided Cooking function.

Thermomix ® simplifies and speeds up the process of creating meals for your family, taking the stress out of the dinner rush.

The versatility of Thermomix ® means that it’s powerful enough to crush ice in seconds, but can also gently stir your risotto while it cooks keeping the ingredients intact.

In addition, Thermomix ® can help you whip up healthy snacks, decadent desserts and a range of made-from-scratch basics including butter, yoghurt, mayonnaise, icing sugar and stock. Thermomix ® also features new innovative new ways of cooking with manual, guided and automatic cooking modes.

The innovative, interchangeable chips are like digital cookbooks filled with recipes that can be attached to the Thermomix ®.

They let the user browse through recipes, providing access to nutritional information onscreen, and guides users with the Guided Cooking function on the touchscreen.

The Basic Cookbook Recipe Chip comes with the Thermomix ® and features over 180 recipes and there are several Recipe Chips available at our online store.

Guided Cooking is an innovation that provides step by step instructions on your Thermomix ®. Simply attach a Thermomix ® Recipe Chip to your Thermomix ® and follow the onscreen step-by-step recipe instructions to achieve perfect results. Time and temperature are pre-set for every step so users just need to add the ingredients as they go.

Add recipes to your favourites list for a customised quick-access list of your family favourites. Guided Cooking also enables you to bookmark a recipe during preparation, complete another task and then return to your bookmarked recipe and continue on. It’s so versatile!

Automatic recipes are stored on the Thermomix ® and are the ultimate in one-step cooking.

The entire cooking process is completed for you, so you simply add the ingredients to the mixing bowl by following the onscreen prompts and push the selector dial. Thermomix ® will do the rest! It controls time, temperature and speed automatically and uses built-in sensors to determine the state of the cooked food and react accordingly, ensuring a successful recipe every time.

Vorwerk (the manufacturer) is continually working on technology to keep Thermomix at the leading edge of ‘smart’ kitchen innovations, including releasing new models or changing existing models from time to time. Announcements about new models are made by Vorwerk and we’ll always share any announcements as soon as possible.

Using and operating your Thermomix ® TM5


Vorwerk, the manufacturer, recommends you sous vide using the Thermomix TM6 model as it features a specific mode that has the perfect settings for this cooking technique as well as a lid on the simmering basket which prevents the sous vide pouch from blocking the opening in the centre of the TM6 mixing bowl lid. This allows steam to escape during the sous vide process. Sous vide cooking with Thermomix can be done using either the TM6 basket with lid or the Blade cover accessory.

While we do recommend that the TM6 is the best option for sous vide cooking because it has the specific sous vide mode, the TM6 basket with lid is compatible with both the TM6 and TM5. It comes included with the TM6 and will be available to purchase from TheMix Shop later in the year.

The Blade cover accessory is compatible with both the TM6 and TM5 and will be available to purchase from TheMix Shop later in the year.

When you use your Thermomix for sous vide cooking:

  1. Make sure the liquid doesn’t exceed the maximum mark in your mixing bowl after adding your sous vide food pouch
  2. Make sure all the air has been removed from the sous-vide food pouch, so that it’s completely submerged in the liquid
  3. For sous vide cooking, never exceed a maximum temperature of 85°C.
  4. For sous vide cooking use only reverse setting on a maximum of Speed 1.
  5. The opening in the mixing bowl lid should never be blocked or covered from the inside or the outside (with the exception of the MC). This important safety feature is to allow steam to escape. If you notice that the opening in the mixing bowl lid has become blocked during the sous vide cooking process the manufacturer recommends you turn the appliance off at the power point and safely unplug it (do not touch the control panel). Then leave it to cool down completely.

If you touch the display with wet and oily fingers you won’t damage the display, but this may cause a delayed function of the touch screen as it may not be able to detect your command as easy as it will with clean/dry hands.

First, check that the protective film has been removed from the display screen.

If the problem remains, please restart your Thermomix ® to refresh the screen.

The Thermomix ® including the screen is easy to clean, by simply wiping over with a damp cloth using warm water.

The mixing bowl, spatula, lid, mixing blades, butterfly, spatula and Varoma are all dishwasher safe. However the Thermomix ® recipe chip is water resistant and should only be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Ensure you disassemble your bowl and blades before placing them in the dishwasher.

By using the master PIN 62742766. Refer to your Instruction Manual for more details.

Press the “Home” button and then on the top left bar press “Menu”. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on the last option. From here, select the second option down and you can then select your preferred language.

Simply push the selector dial or turn it anti-clockwise so that the speed is set to 0.

This can occur when you place hot ingredients into the mixing bowl and the sensors pick up the temperature of those ingredients. It may also be caused by frictional heat that can be generated by grinding or milling.

At speeds 2 and 3, the Thermomix ® is designed for soft heating.

When these speeds are selected, the temperature will be increased slower than at the other speeds to allow for the gradual heating of more sensitive ingredients. For example, when making ganache or heating dairy-based ingredients.

Thermomix ® will not begin heating if there is no time set.

Also, Thermomix ® has a safety feature that won’t allow any heating if the speed is set above speed 6.

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Thermomix ® in New Zealand is committed in ensuring our TM31 customers are supported with availability of recipes, cooking classes, parts and accessories to continue their Thermomix ® journey.

We will continue to supply parts, kitchenware and cookbooks for the TM31. MCs, service, warranty are all covered and will continue to be covered.

We will use the current Thermomix model at our classes as we are no longer able to offer the TM31 for sale. We encourage TM31 customers to attend as recipes will be suitable for both models.

Yes. We stock several cookbooks and recipe booklets for TM31. We are committed to supporting our TM31 customers and will continue to release cookbooks with recipes that can be adapted for the TM31. Please visit our TheMix Shop™ or contact your Consultant to view the range of cookbooks available.



Visit cook-key.co.nz to get all your Cook-Key questions answered.


You can book and pay for your cooking class ticket via Eventbrite. Payment is made via Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards at the time of booking. If, for any reason, you are having trouble making a booking, please call us on 1800 004 838 for assistance. We’re available on weekdays from 9am – 5pm.

No, we do not accept payment at the event. Seats at all classes are limited, so confirm your place by booking online at via the Eventbrite event listing.

All reservations are confirmed once payment is received in full. You will also receive an email along with your invoice within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Event Organiser whose details are listed on the event to ensure your booking has been processed successfully.

Tickets are non-transferable between classes. If you wish to transfer your ticket to another class, you will need to book into the class you would like to attend, then request a refund for the original requested class.

Please note that you are only able to receive a refund if you cancel your ticket more than 14 days before the cooking class event date.

14 days before the class:
Class tickets are only refundable if you advise Thermomix Australia of your cancellation more than 14 days before the scheduled class date. Please advise us of cancellations by contacting the Event Organiser on the event listing.
Less than 14 days before the class:
If you find you are unable to attend your class less than 14 days before the scheduled class date your ticket is non-refundable. You may, however, transfer your booking to another person. Simply forward your invoice for the class to the attendee to take with them to the class. The invoice will serve as the ticket to the class.

No. Our classes feature a pre-selected menu. If you suffer from any allergies or intolerances, please make yourself known to the cooking class host. 

Our classes are located all around Australia. For class location details, please refer to the description on each individual cooking class event.

Our classes run for approximately 2 hours of demonstrating/cooking. Please allow time at the end of the class for eating, socialising with fellow Thermomix users and a chance to have any of your questions answered by the Thermomix team.

At our demonstration style cooking classes you will observe a demonstrator/s presenting different dishes, as well as sharing tips and hints on getting the most from your Thermomix®.

In our studio/hands-on cooking classes you will work in small groups and make dishes under the guidance of the instructor. You then sit down as a group at the end of the class and share all of the delicious food together.

Our demonstration style classes have approximately 40 guests per class.

Our special guest demonstration classes can range between approximately 40 to 80 guests per cooking class.

Our studio/hands on classes are capped at 18 participants per class.

Yes, we will make sure you are emailed a copy of the recipes from the class so you can recreate all the amazing dishes at home.

At our demonstration style classes, small tastings of the recipes are presented at the end of the class.

At our studio/hands on classes, all participants will get to sit together at the end of the class to sample the dishes cooked. Please refer to the class event description to confirm.

You are only allowed to BYO alcohol at select studio/hands on cooking classes and this will be stipulated on the cooking class description.

All food is to be consumed on premises.

For our demonstration style classes feel free to wear whatever you will be most comfortable in as you will only be observing at the class.

For our studio/hands on classes due to health and safety reasons all participants must wear closed in, flat shoes, and long hair needs to be tied back. We reserve the right to refuse a participant if they are wearing inappropriate shoes, and no refunds will be entertained in these cases.

You are most welcome to bring a camera to take photos, however please respect the privacy of other class participants. Video is not allowed.

Anyone coming along to any of our classes can only attend if they have a fully paid seat at the class.

Our demonstration and seminar cooking classes are suitable for all ages however, children under the age of 12 years must also have a full-price ticket and be accompanied by a paying adult.

Due to occupational health and safety factors, our studio/hands on cooking classes are only suitable for participants aged 18 years and over, unless it is specifically stated on the class description that the class is suitable for children in the event description on the Booking Form.

Please fill in this contact form so we can assist you.


There are several ways to search for recipes. You can type the name of a recipe or an ingredient into the search bar. If you want to search for a “recipe” or a “collection” you can do this from the left of the search bar on the recipe page or you can leave the search bar blank to search for all recipes/collections. You can also filter recipes by category, prep time, total time, portion size or country.

Yes. Simply type the ingredient into the search bar and all recipes that use that ingredient will be displayed.

Yes. Currently you can search for ‘gluten free’, ‘egg free’, ‘dairy free’, ‘nut free’, ‘vegetarian’and ‘vegan’  dietary requirements. Simply type the term into the search bar to find all recipes that fall into that category. We will continue to add specific dietary needs to the search function in the future.

On the ‘Explore’ page, you’ll see the headline ‘The latest recipes’. Click on the ‘See more’ link to the right of the headline and it will take you to all of our latest recipes. You can also change the view to see the latest collections by switching the search mode from ‘recipes’ to ‘collections’ using the button to the left of the search bar.

The filter function allows you to filter recipes according to category, ingredient, prep time, total time, portion size, Thermomix model and country. The sort function allows you to sort recipes or collections by relevance (to the search terms), newest, alphabetically, prep time (shortest to longest) and total time (shortest to longest).


While the email function has been changed, you can still copy the ingredients on your list and paste them into an email. Alternatively, you now have the ability to print your shopping list directly from Cookidoo.

When you open a recipe, it displays which models can be used to make the recipe (TM31, TM5, TM6).

Yes you can use your current Cookidoo subscription with the TM6.

Yes, an app will be available for both iOS and Android phones soon. We’ll keep you updated on when the app will be available in Australia and New Zealand.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to access Cookidoo recipes and content. Recipes already synced to the TM6 will stay on the device and can be cooked for 30 days then a new sync is necessary. The TM6 “Basic Cookbook” recipes will be pre-programmed into your TM6 and will not be affected by the WiFi connection or syncing.

If you’re searching for a specific recipe, type your recipe into the search bar then expand your search to other countries using filters. Select which countries you want to include in your search and click ‘Show results’.

Yes you can. Simply change the view.

The TM6 can connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz WiFi bands.

You can register up to 5 connected devices to one Cookidoo account. This can be made up of any combination of Cook-Keys or TM6s.

Yes. Currently some functions of Cookidoo 2.0 are not able to be performed on the TM6, for example, currently you cannot save or create a recipe collection on the TM6. You need to do this via the Cookidoo website on another device such as your mobile device or computer.

If you don’t already have a Cookidoo account you need to set one up at cookidoo.com.au. When your new TM6 arrives you will be guided through the process of linking your TM6 to your Cookidoo account. Your subscription period will commence once you have linked your new TM6 to your Cookidoo account. Why not sign up for the free 30-day trial when you first create your Cookidoo account?

While there are similar recipes on Cookidoo we recommend you use the recipe from the country you’re in. All our Australian Cookidoo recipes have been tested using local ingredients so if you’re in Australia or New Zealand we suggest you use the recipe from Australia to ensure it turns out the way we designed it.

You may need to update the software of your TM6. On the TM6 screen on the top left hand corner click on the button with three lines. Select  ‘Settings’ then ‘Thermomix version and update’. Then click the ‘Search for updates’ button to ensure the software is up to date.

Please email Customer Support at [email protected] with the email subject line: Transfer to the Australian and New Zealand Cookidoo platform. In your email please include your full name and registered Cookidoo email address. Please also let us know which country you’re registered on and confirm that you want to be switched to the Australian and New ZealandCookidoo site.