ThermoServer ® Collection

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2.6L Round ThermoServer 600 x 600

The perfect partner to your Thermomix ®, use your 2.6 litre ThermoServer ® when you try the Borscht with Polish dumplings and Ricotta patties with chilli lime corn from our Vegetarian Kitchen.

This ThermoServer ® can also be used to:

  • prove bread and pizza dough
  • incubate yoghurt
  • cook pasta and couscous, while your sauce cooks in the Thermomix ® and so much more!

Earn your first 2.6L ThermoServer!

When you host a Cooking Experience and purchase your Thermomix ®, or if you order a Thermomix ® at another Cooking Experience and host your own Experience within 90 days, you will receive a Round 2.6 litre ThermoServer valued at $135.

500 ml Round ThermoServer 600 x 600

The latest addition to our ThermoServer ® family, our 500ml mini ThermoServer ® is the perfect size for dips and sauces.

Holding a dinner party? Set aside individual portions of your signature soup in these mini ThermoServers ® and keep them warm until the guests arrive.

Each set of three mini ThermoServers ® is valued at $150.

Receive a bonus 3 x 500 ml ThermoServers when you purchase your Thermomix TM5 from 24 July 2017. Click here to find out more. Book your TM5 Cooking Experience today.

2.5 L Oval ThermoServer 600 x 600

The generous sized 2.5 litre oval ThermoServer ® (valued at $160) is perfect for holding curries, stews or mains such as the Healthy ‘roast’ chicken from our Devil of a cookbook and the Sri Lankan red beef curry from the Basic Cookbook.

Entertaining? Use your ThermoServer ® to serve up BBQ chicken winglets from Good food, gluten free.

1 L ThermoServer 600 x 600

Valued at $80, our 1 litre ThermoServer ® will keep your sides at the perfect temperature while you work on the main meal.

Use it to thicken the Cheesy bechamel sauce from Thermomix ® cooking for your baby and toddler or keep the Honey ginger tofu with greens toasty from Vegetarian Kitchen.