Cooking Experience Rewards

Hosting a Cooking Experience is very rewarding

When you host a Thermomix ® Cooking Experience, you can witness the amazing health, convenience, time and money saving benefits of owning a Thermomix ®.

If you have just heard about Thermomix ® and want to find out more, or if you are already an owner, we recommend hosting a Cooking Experience to:

  • Appreciate its full potential
  • Learn extra tips and tricks
  • Take advantage of our exclusive host rewards!

Earn your first 2.6L ThermoServer*

When you host a Cooking Experience and purchase your Thermomix ®, or if you order a Thermomix ® at another Cooking Experience and host your own Experience within 90 days, you will receive a Round 2.6 litre ThermoServer valued at $135.

Bonus host rewards*

Hosting a Cooking Experience after receiving your Thermomix ® is a great way to continue your Thermomix ® journey. You will also be entitled to our exciting host rewards with each qualifying Cooking Experience you host.

demonstration Thermomix - how to use

*Conditions apply. For full host rewards and current promotional offers, please contact your Thermomix ® Consultant.