Bonus offer


Unreal food. Easier than ever.

Sometimes you need a helping hand in the kitchen, especially when friends drop by – expected or not. So it’s nice to know that with a little help from your Thermomix you can whip up a delicious meal in minutes. And with your ThermoServers, you don’t have to worry about dinner going cold while you’re busy catching up. Receive a bonus set of 3x500ml ThermoServers when you purchase your Thermomix TM5.


“I never thought it would be so easy to cook so many different dishes. Everything I dish up in my ThermoServers is met by smiles. There’s nothing like that feeling.” Rachel Shanks, Recipe Developer


Ask your Consultant to add them to your order when purchasing your new TM5.

*Offer ends January 2018. Conditions apply. For more information, please contact your Consultant, or register your details here and a Consultant will contact you.