Cookidoo ® Recipe Platform

Thermomix ® recipes – anytime, anywhere

An exciting development coming soon, the Cookidoo ® Recipe Platform is will allow you to have delicious recipes your fingertips.

Create your personal account on Cookidoo ® and upload recipes from your Recipe Chips into your collections. Once you have registered on Cookidoo ®, you will also be able to browse and purchase a wide range of Thermomix ® recipes and build your recipe collections.


Connect to Cookidoo ® from any device, wherever you are!

Cookidoo ® is functional and has a menu planning and shopping list feature, making it a breeze to plan and shop for your recipes! Simply drag and drop desired recipes from your collections into the recipe planner and all ingredients will be added to the shopping list. You can adjust the list to suit your needs and also add items to your shopping lists.

This is an exciting development for the future of cooking with Thermomix ®. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when Cookidoo ® is available.

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