• This machine is versatile in any kitchen

    both professional and home and well worth the investment.

    Mark Southon - Chef
  • With Thermomix ®, whipping up meals and treats are a breeze

    with everything done in minutes and I now have time to be out in the garden tending to my vegetable patch.

    Shirley Nightingale - Customer, WGN
  • Thermomix ® is the most versatile piece of equipment in my kitchen

    and one of the best investments I have made.

    Brett McGregor - MasterChef Winner and Cookbook Author
  • There are many things I love about the Thermomix ® and having one

    but hands down my favourite thing about it is its engine.

    Jude Blereau - Natural Food Chef and Author
  • At The Tasting Shed, Thermomix ® is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the kitchen.

    Because of its high speed and pure strength in blitzing, we are able to get silky smooth purèes and bright.

    Stephen Smith - Chef
  • Thermomix ® is without doubt the most used piece of equipment in my kitchen.

    It’s so simple and versatile to use that we find it ideal for all sorts of recipes, from perfectly smooth purèes to crème brulee.

    Simon Wright - Chef
  • I've used Thermomix ® for years, both at home and in my restaurants.

    The precise temperature and speed settings allow me to be in complete control, even when creating delicate mousses and emulsions.

    George Calombaris - Chef, MasterChef ® Judge
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