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Thermomix Can

  • Chop
    ChopThermomix chops onions, nuts, herbs, meat, carrots, potatoes and so much more, quickly and easily in one bowl.
  • Beat
    BeatWith the help of the Butterfly you can whip cream quickly and easily. You can also whip egg whites into beautiful peaks.
  • Mix
    MixWith Thermomix at home you’ll make perfect pancake or crepe batters in no time at all.
  • Emulsify
    EmulsifyWith Thermomix it’s so easy to make your own salad dressings and mayonnaise.
  • Mill
    MillThermomix mills flour in seconds from any type of grain. Even seeds like sesame or poppy seeds, herbs and spices are easily milled.
  • Knead
    KneadProfessionally made as if prepared by a baker’s hands: perfect dough for bread, pizza, brioche and lots more.
  • Blend
    BlendThe right blend for healthy smoothies or glamorous cocktails; with Thermomix it’s as easy as one two three.
  • Cook
    Cook With the clockwise function of Thermomix you can quickly prepare sauces and creamy soups from a few fresh ingredients.
  • Stir
    StirWhile Thermomix is cooking, it automatically stirs the ingredients so nothing can burn or boil over.
  • Steam
    SteamThe Varoma provides a low calorie, healthy, complete meal cooked all at once.
  • Weigh
    WeighPrecision work: with the inbuilt scales you weigh and tare all your ingredients one after the other.
  • Melt
    MeltWith Thermomix you can control heating to a set temperature. You can temper chocolate to make chocolate ganache or zabaione.